Nature Art, a therapy for all

Nature Art, Eco Art, Nature Art Therapy or whatever you choose to call it, allows participants to be active in nature, without the need for talking (although you can if you want). The activities that people undertake range massively from simple placement of natural objects next to one another to large artistic creations using many different types of medium. Participants can focus on their creation and forget the troubles they may be experiencing. This then provides positive mental health support and improved wellbeing.

Wild Minds uses art based activities in our adult and child focused sessions and it is always well received. The people that attend love the freedom that art gives them and we often see enhanced expression of emotion in the pieces that they create. What’s great about nature art is that it is dynamic, it changes throughout the seasons as the materials available change; and it enables people to immerse themselves in a soothing creative state that takes them away from the struggles and strains of life.

There is a movement in the UK called Earthart or Landart and it was pioneered by an artist called Andy Goldsworthy. The theory behind this movement is that the artistic works created aren’t permanent, they are at the mercy of nature itself. Wind, rain or animals can easily change them or completely remove them from where they were created, forging a connection with nature.

Taking your art elsewhere

Wild Minds base their art therapy in the woodlands where they hold their sessions, but you don’t have to limit yourself to tree based art.

If you find yourself at the beach, try drawing something in the sand, add bits of seaweed or shells and then leave it for the sea or the wind to take away. Always remembering that the art that you create is your way of giving back to nature and expressing your love and respect for it.

When out on a walk, collect stones and create patterns or images that will be left for days or weeks or covered over by soil, leaves or snow. Never let your location prevent you from creating nature based art and experiencing the relaxing and soul calming benefits it provides.

Wherever you are in nature, allow yourself some time to be creative and really get involved in nature. Let your inner artist come out and make whatever comes to mind.

2 thoughts on “Nature Art, a therapy for all

  1. Marian

    How do i learn more about nature art. I am interested in creating and photographing pieces.

    • Wild Minds

      Hi Marian. You can create nature art wherever you go using whatever natural materials you can find. Wild Minds is looking to offer nature art sessions in the new year, so please subscribe and keep an eye on out pages for more information. If you create anything and take a photograph we’d love to see your creations.

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