Key Stage 2

Set in 36 acres of mixed parkland and ancient woodland at Moira Furnace; Wild Minds offers schools an opportunity to connect with nature, themselves and each other. Our KS2 sessions are designed to engage your pupils and ignite a love of nature that they will take with them through the rest of their lives.

Den Building & Survival Skills

Could you survive a night in the woods with only limited resources (or perhaps nothing at all)!? Can you make a safe and secure shelter to fit you and your friends in to keep to warm, dry and protected from the elements? Now is the time to see what you are made of – do you have the skills needed to survive!

This is an action-packed session, providing the opportunity to learning knot skills, den building techniques, key concepts of survival, map reading skills (for more in-depth orienteering, see out Woodland Wandering session) and above all, how to be a team player!

Woodland Wellbeing

Learn all about nature as we explore the wonderful woodland, using all of our senses to connect with the natural world around us! From the sound of birds, colour detectives and smelly potions – this multi-sensory experience has everything you need to enjoy nature! Take an opportunity to allow your children to take some time to relax and find peace within the natural world, without them even realising they are doing it!

This session is a beautiful and gentle, yet fun, adventure in nature, suitable for all ages and abilities and particularly wonderful for children with SEND and/or SEMH and or complex barriers to learning. Children will be introduced to mindfulness concepts such as mindful looking and listening, meditation and T’ai Chi!

Tree Detectives

Learn about the wonderful world of trees and the beautiful and fascinating secrets they can reveal to us, included their secret antifreeze power, how they communicate to each other across miles and miles and hidden life beneath their bark! Discover how to identify trees, begin to understand seed dispersal and trees as habitats.

This really is a hands-on, multi-sensory explosion into the world of trees!

The Art of Nature

Nature is full of inspiration for creativity and is wonderful resource for art! Explore a range of natural materials and techniques to create incredible works of art, some of which you can take back to school with you! As a final challenge you will create a giant piece of art as a whole group to remain in the woodland and to be enjoyed by nature itself!

Minibeast Madness

Explore the many levels and secret corners of Moira Furnace woodland, searching for minibeasts of all shapes and sizes. There will be no stone left unturned, no leaf not magnified, no log left unrolled or mossy mound left studied in our quest to be the greatest minibeast detective of all! As well as finding minibeasts, we will learn about these clever creatures and why they choose to live where they do and why they look the way they do.

Children will learn how to search for wildlife safely and respectful, developing a sense of wonder and care for the natural world.

Animal Antics

Learn all about the animals which inhabit the woodland: where they live, what they eat (including food chains and food webs if required), why they look the way they do and the importance of their place in the woodland world.

As a final muddy fun activity, you will create your favourite woodland animal out of mud for the woodland animals to enjoy after you have gone! Prepared to get stuck in, hands on and delve deep into the natural world!

Woodland Wandering

Can you and your team find the hidden clues and navigate your way around the woodland using map and orienteering skills alone!? Learn how to orientate and read a map in order to be a successful navigator, whilst ensuring your team displays the best teamwork, problem solving skills and speed at completing the task!

Supports the development of a wide range of life skills, developing resilience and confidence in working as part of a team.

Team Building Challenge (2 hours)

Mimic nature’s symbiotic relationships by working as an effective team to solve a range of puzzles and challenges using and developing a wide variety of skills. Challenges will support the development of resilience, regulation, problem solving and logical thinking, as well as patience! Put your team to the test – can you complete the Team Building Challenge!

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