Nature’s Art

Natural Patterns

Sometimes it can feel like the world is moving too fast and we can easily miss the little things in life. By taking a moment to stop, slow down and immerse yourself in the peace and tranquillity of the great outdoors, not only will you feel more connected to the world around you, but also an important part of it.

Natures Art is a 2 hour woodland based session, which aims to connect you more closely with nature, noticing the beauty, secrets, design and wonder the natural world has to offer if you just look closely enough. Through the use of art and craft, sculpture, story-telling, exploration and a multi-sensory approach to accessing nature, Wild Minds will support in learning more about the natural world and more importantly, yourself.

Nature’s Art can be booked as a group package (minimum of 6 people) and costs £15 per head and runs for 2 hours.

Refreshments are provided.

Outdoor clothing essential.

For individuals wishing to find out more about Nature’s Art open sessions, where anyone can join in, please contact us for dates and further information.

Bespoke packages can also be provided for individuals or groups. Please contact us for more information or email

Art in Nature