Early years Foundation Stage

Set in 36 acres of mixed parkland and ancient woodland at Moira Furnace; Wild Minds offers schools an opportunity to connect with nature, themselves and each other. Our EYFS sessions are designed to engage younger pupils and ignite a love of nature that they will take with them through the rest of their lives.

Woodland Explorers

exploring the woodland

Learn all about nature as we explore the wonderful woodland, using all of our senses to connect with the natural world around us! From the sound of birds, colour detectives and smelly potions – this sensory walk has everything you need to have a multi-sensory experience of nature!

This session is a beautiful and gentle, yet fun, adventure in nature, suitable for all ages and abilities and particularly wonderful for children with SEND and/or SEMH and or complex barriers to learning.

Teddy Bear in Woodland

Teddy Bear’s Picnic

If you go down to the woods today, you are sure to find and adventure! Moira Furnace’s cheeky teddy bears have all decided to play hide and seek in the woodlands! Can you help us to find them all, learning about trees and animals along the way, whilst searching for teddy bears! Look high, look low, can you help to find the teddy bears? Let’s go!!

mindfulness for younger children

Mini Mindfulness

Take an opportunity to allow your children to take some time to relax and find peace within the natural world. Through a range of sensory experiences and activities based on mediation and T’ai chi practises, among others, your children will learn how to take a moment for themselves, learning skills to be able to regulate their emotions and to develop resilience.

This is relaxing and gentle step into the wonderful world of nature for everyone!

Tree Spirits

A fun and muddy, art-based activity which, is guaranteed to bring a smile to any child’s (and adult’s!) face! Come prepared for mud, mud and more mud! A wonderful session, allowing time to be creative, imaginative and free to get your hands dirty!

Secret Woodland Dens

Explore the woodland on a story of magical mystery as you work you way towards a wonderful woodland secret – the secret of fairies and elves! Work together to create a series of mini houses, hotels, parks and even swimming pools for the secretive and shy fairies and elves of Moira Furnace Woodland!

This is a super exciting, creative and fun adventure for all children – sparking imagination, supporting communication & language and storytelling skills!

To Book, please complete our Booking Form and return it by email to concat@wildmindsnature.co.uk