After School Clubs

Delivered in your school grounds or premises, Our after school clubs provide an all year round programme of extra-curricular sessions for children of all ages and abilities.

The clubs can be adapted to take the form of whatever need you have within the school in terms of environmental education or social, emotional and mental health support.

Each weekly club is £60 for up to 1 hour (depending on school requirements) with resources provided at an additional charge.

Forest School

Following a scheme of interesting and exciting activities, your pupils will learn skills, develop knowledge and grow their love of the outdoors and nature. Getting hands on with tools, wood, plants and crafts; they will ignite their minds and imaginations. This after school club would run for the whole year with the same children being able to experience all seasons through this programme.

Max 10 children

Wildlings Wildlife Club

Have you got a patch of land that could do with some love and attention? Do you want to encourage more wildlife into your grounds for you pupils to learn about and care for? The Wildlife Club is the way to go.

Helping your pupils create animal friendly and welcoming grounds that will improve biodiversity and increase their feeling of responsibility and ownership will be the aim of this weekly club. Planning, design, team work as well as a good dose of nature adventure and exploration will fill their minds with knowledge and a love of nature and the natural environment.

Max 10 children

Wildlings Wellbeing

Wildlings Wellbeing Club is a time for your pupils to focus their minds on themselves. Learning the ancient practices of meditation, t’ai chi and yoga. They will develop skills to help them be present in the moment, connect with their emotions and manage their feelings.

Max 15 children

Wildlings Wildlife & Wellbeing

a girl smiling with mud on her hands

An outdoor club incorporating aspects of emotional literacy and nature connection. This club will provide children with some skills to help them regulate their emotions whilst learning about the natural environment. Using a multi-sensory approach to investigating nature, children will develop a respect for the world in which the live and how this can relate to their own lives. This club is brilliant for those children whose behaviour can sometimes be too “big” for the classroom.

Max 10 children

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