Educational Visits Outreach Programme

Whilst we always prefer to have children come and join us in the woods at Moira Furnace. We understand that sometimes there are reasons that this isn’t possible.

So, we have developed a way of you still experiencing the wonders of outdoor education, but within your own school grounds.

Our “If you can’t come to us. We’ll come to you sessions” are all the same as you would experience in the woodlands (see Education). But have the added security of being at school and the reduced stress of organising transport and extra staff.

Working within your grounds (no matter how small) we will provide your pupils with a wonderous and exciting outdoor education experience.

These sessions work really well for alternative provision or EYFS where staffing ratios are tricky and changes to environment could result in children not being able to fully enjoy the visit.

The cost for these sessions is still only £60 per hour and we can attend schools throughout the National Forest. Schools from outside this area will incur a small mileage charge to cover travel.

To book a session or to get ore information, please email us on