Improving your physical health and getting out and about, can have a major positive effect on your mental health and wellbeing. However, not all of us can face the thought of going for a run or sweating the night away in a gym full of dedicated, confident and fit individuals. Our Wild Woodland Wellbeing for Women sessions are aimed at those who would like to improve their health, and wish to experience the benefits being at one with nature has to offer, but perhaps are apprehensive about starting something new.

Wild Minds can offer you a guided, multi-sensory journey in the natural environment whilst learning to connect with nature and enjoy the peace and tranquillity it has to offer, as well as getting to know like-minded individuals at your own pace. We offer our Forest Bathing once a month and a range of other wellbeing packages, such as meditation and Natures Art, which can be booked as a group or as an individual on select dates.

Check our our What’s On page for our upcoming sessions.

Based at Moira Furnace we have a number of sessions already available to book via our Facebook page, contact form or be email to contact@wildmindsnature.co.uk.