Woodland Elders

Connecting with nature and supporting good mental health & wellbeing does not have to be limited to those people who can get out into the wild. Wild Minds believes that everyone is entitled to have access to nature no matter what life has thrown at them. That’s where Woodland Elders comes in.

Providing sessions and support to improve the mental health and wellbeing of long term or day residents is vital in creating a positive environment to aid healing or to ease palliative care.

Woodland Elders allows people who have limited access to the outdoors to have nature brought to them. Through sessions provided within the safety of the facility they reside in, older members of our community can enjoy all the benefits of our natural environment with all of their care and support still nearby.

Wild Minds has a varied programme of sessions that allows nature to be brought to those people who can’t get out to experience its beneficial qualities.

The sessions we are able to offer are:

🧘‍♀️Mindful Movement for Wellbeing – Chair-based Ta’i Chi and Yoga to support better physical and mental health.

🌿Multi-sensory explorations of nature with crafts – an immersive dive into nature; it’s textures, smells, sounds and beauty along with a craft activity that can be kept as a reminder in residents’ rooms. Also, really good for improving fine motor skills.

👣Strength & Balance Retraining – a 12-week targeted programme of exercises designed to retrain the body in balance and build strength in the legs. This is really good for those residents who are mobile, but walk with an aid and need some confidence boosting.

🕺Movement for Memory – a range of dance, games and movements designed to support the memory and aid in the improvement of gross motor skills.

Who am I? – a movement-based game where residents have to answer questions about themselves as well as getting the body active.

🌸 1-2-1 Sensory Sessions – Supporting those residents who may be non-verbal or who struggle in group situations. We can come and work 1-2-1 with them to entice their senses, build confidence and aid communication.

Working with Age UK Derby & Derbyshire as part of their Strictly No Falling campaign, we are passionate about improving independent living and falls prevention. Helping people live stringer for longer. We are also ambassadors for their Every Move Matters Always campaign. Keeping people active and moving for their better health.

Wild Minds is able to offer one off sessions or a course of sessions to provide your residents with opportunities to explore the benefits nature has to offer.

Sessions are interactive and can be tailored made to meet the needs of the people within your care.

Wild Minds believes in the strong connection between the natural world and its positive impact on mental health and wellbeing as well as a fantastic stimulus to ignite memories and create conversation.

Please contact us for more information or email contact@wildmindsnature.co.uk, to discuss your requirements and to make a booking.

Age UK Derby & Derbyshire SNF Project