One to One Nature Therapy

Do you need some time just for you? Do you long to re-connect with nature?

forest bathing

Wild Minds offer individuals Nature Therapy sessions just for them. These sessions can be tailored to suit any need you have and can focus on particular activities or follow a varied programme.

The theory behind Nature Therapy, Eco Therapy or Green Therapy is that people have an innate bond with nature. When this bond has been broken or disengaged, it can have a direct effect on our lives. This often happens without us even realising it, until we reach a point where we realise that we can’t cope with a particular problem or situation. We will use Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) to immerse you in the woodland we are walking through. We have several woodland areas we can deliver these sessions in, or we can go to a place of your choosing (within reason). As well as Forest Bathing, we use meditation, natural art and a range of sensory ways to explore and re-connect with nature. We could even just go on a nature walk where you have a chance to talk and learn about nature. Take some time out for you to allow nature to heal and restore.

Nature Therapy sessions can be any length, but start at 1 hour at a cost of £20. Each hour thereafter will be a further £20 and sessions can be block booked.

These are not traditional therapy sessions, but an opportunity to use nature and the natural world to focus your mind and improve your wellbeing.

Please contact us to book or visit our Facebook page to see what we’re up to.