Connecting with nature

I have always loved being outside in nature. My parents had to fight to get me in instead of fighting to get me out.

My friends and I would always be exploring the tunnels, tracks and scrub land near the house I grew up in. This was all before the National Forest was what it is now. I was there at the beginning and I have seen it grow and reaped the benefits of being able to access it whenever I wanted.

I’m lucky I have this on my door step at home, but it’s not only large natural areas that can help you. It could be the tree at the end of your road, the birds nesting at the top of your high rise tower block or the house plant you’ve nurtured in your kitchen. They can all provide you with an access point to nature in some way and allow you to take some kind of positive benefit. Why do I love losing myself in nature? Because being it soothes me, it allows my stresses and strains to melt away and brings me back to the present; leaving me feeling calm. I have enjoyed a barefoot walk through the woodland feeling the ground; the soil, leaves and stones beneath my feet. I highly recommend that you do the same whenever you get a chance, it really is quite liberating.

I have worked with all types of people in the last few years and I have been very lucky to be able to pass on my love and belief in the positive benefits of nature on to them. I am so proud that we at Wild Minds are able to share our knowledge of the wellbeing benefits of nature with you, our faithful followers and friends.

If you do just one thing this week, go and be “in” nature; don’t just take a walk or sit outside. Fully absorb everything around you. Take in the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of what surrounds you and allow it to lighten your soul.

For those that feel they may need help with this, you can book on to one of our sessions and we will provide you with some of the basic tools to allow you to re-connect with nature.

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